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Focus Diagnostic center is owned by Dr. Manisha P. Chandak which is a clinical laboratory located at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.

It covers a range of extensive profiles from Cardiac Risk, Diabetic, Renal, Liver, Lipid, Senior Citizens, General Health and Youth to Pre Natal, Osteoperosis & Pre-operative Profiles.


  •                  Biochemistry
  •                  Hematology
  •                  HormononalStudy, Micro biology
  •                  Histpathology, Cytology
  •                  ECG , PFT
  •                  Body Fat Analysis
  •                  Ultra sonography
  •                  Digital X-ray
  •                  Color Doppler
  •                  2D Echo
  •                  Audiometry
  •                  Sleep Study
  • Address Bhoomi Heights.,Shop No.:17,Sector No-8,Kharghar, Navi Mumbai - 410210